Sunday, 16 October 2011

Serviced Apartments for Multinationals

In this era of globalization and liberalization, many multinational firms are reaching out to India. This has resulted in many expats coming to India. These expats are mostly officials of senior management or middle management in the company. But when then come to India, it is the company’s responsibility to take care of their stay.

Hotels are one option and multinationals do not mind making their officials stay in hotels if it is a matter of a day or a two or even a week. But expats do not come for such a short period. They come for an assignment or to complete a project work, which is generally from six month to a year, may be longer. And many of them come with their families. So hotel comes out to be a very costly option.

Another option is Serviced Apartments, and indeed a low cost option. Serviced Apartments are fully furnished, spacious and have large equipped kitchens… basically they have all amenities one requires to stay a fulfilled life. Therefore, serviced apartments are ideal for such a situation – temporary but long stay.

Moreover, serviced apartments generally provide with certain common facilities that can be used anytime of the day. So however late you are from office, you can get rid of your tiredness by taking a dip in the pool or relaxing in the sauna room. If similar amenities are provided by a hotel, it will cost minimum 15% - 30% more.

Even though the serviced apartment industry is very new in India, it is gaining immense popularity and is a much sort after alternative for multinational corporate and businesses having either the head office or branch office in India.

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